To encourage independence and sustainability by providing essential development, management, marketing and design services to Canadian music creators.


We pride ourselves on quality craftsmanship.

We are team oriented, collaborative and appreciate camaraderie.

We are fair, respectful and professional.

We go in as team and cross finish lines together.

Fair Wend was founded by award winning Canadian recording artist and songwriter Angela Harris.


Like all artists from her generation, her music career was jolted by the zap of the digital age in the early 2000's. She had invested a lot of time and money on her plan toward success, and found herself frantically trying to find balance between the old way of doing things and the new way.


In 2003 Angela recognized the power of the internet and instantly saw the future ahead for music creators. She began educating herself in website development, graphic design, digital marketing and fan building techniques, and designed and published her very first website. She signed up to CDBaby after a long talk with Derek Sivers (founder of CDBaby) to sell her music online, opened an account on SonicBids to utilize their EPK services and began using MySpace (the first popular music related social medium to hit the scene) to promote her music. Throughout that year, her success with digital marketing initiatives led her to consulting and assisting her fellow artists to do the same. With a loan, grant and bursaries, she put herself through the Advanced Arts & Entertainment Management (AEM) program at Capilano College (now Capilano University) and was hired to teach in the program as an industry professional.


Within the next 5 years, Angela continued making music and developing her music career, while also instructing at 3/4 time and assisting with the the writing of a new diploma program in the AEM department. By 2007, she recognized a dire need for cutting edge artist entrepreneurial education and took to advocating for the updating of the curriculums to better reflect the 'new age' reality for developing artists and music creators. After two years worth of challenges and push back, Angela finally accepted defeat when the department refused to renew her contract. She spent a few months pondering her next move, and then in 2009, she decided to apply all her energy and worth to developing and launching a 'new age' artist services business in support of Canadian artists. She applied for the Self Employment government program and was accepted. A year later, on June 2, 2010, she launched Fair Wend Entertainment Services.


To date, Fair Wend has helped over 100 artists.


We are passionate about assisting talented and driven artists reach their goals. We care about our clients, are transparent and accountable.


We're FAIR and we're here to help you WEND your way! 


New Yank Yorkies

The entertainment industry is a savvy world these days that is easy to get frustrated by and lose yourself in. Because it’s a much more level playing field now, the competition is also twice what it used to be. Most of us just want to focus on the art we make and don’t have the time left over for all the marketing that’s involved. Working with Fair Wend gave us a direction that not only allowed us to do that but helped us start exploring who we are and what we sound like. The look that Angela and Lucho created with their artwork and design brought out the imagination in all of us.

Geoff Gibbons

Aside from being a talented artist in her own right, Angela is a meticulous and thoughtful music promoter and marketer.
I found Angela’s down-to-earth and pragmatic approach to be a fundamental component in assisting me with the release of my project.
Angela’s ability to process, assist, teach, and calm through the crazy process of releasing a CD, has proven to be an essential investment.

Katt Stearns

I had the pleasure of working with Angela on a marketing campaign for an artist. I appreciated how focused and detailed she was and how much time and effort she dedicated. It was great to work with someone that works around the clock when things need to get done and is always trying new creative ways to help spread the message and make sure the campaign is a success. She knows her stuff and knows how to make it happen. I hope to work with Angela on future projects!

Darcy D

Angela Harris is one very dedicated, organized and meticulous individual. We have worked together many times on various projects. The combination of her experience as an artist and her understanding of the music business always provide positive results. I've utilized her services to assist in the branding of a new artist, promote and initiate new releases and organize online campaigns. Angela is feisty, honest and always determined to get the job done. She's a good ally to have in your corner!


Mike Sanyshyn


I have worked with Angela in the studio and on stage. Angela is a talented individual, both as an artist and business professional!


Shari Ulrich


I am continually astounded by her vocal abilities. She is always professional, well prepared and contributes constructively to the process, whether it be creative or logistical. Her consistency in performance, both live and recorded is unparalleled in my experience.


Jay Buettner


Angela is one of the most professional people in the BC music scene and it's always a pleasure to work with her. Her talent extends way beyond being an artist. I wish the business had more people like her in it.


Sean Hogan


Though the mainstream Country radio industry has in my opinion, not paid Angela Harris the due she deserves, speaking as a person who has had a some critical (both commercial and non commercial radio support) industry accolades and travelled the world performing my music, I have heard and worked with many artists. Angela's voice ranks as one of the purest.


Michael Behm

Producer, Composer & Songwriter

I have had the pleasure of writing the biggest songs of my career with Angela she is everything in one package. Integrity, talent, vision and stick to it! What can I say I love this woman!

Delwyn Brooks

Audio Engineer Mixing & Co-producer

I recorded and mixed the song for Angela Harris called "Family Matters". 

Not only is she an amazing songwriter, she was a pleasure to work with on the production at every stage from recording the bed tracks, to the final mix. Angela is graceful and adds value to any music endeavour she is a part of. She has a great sense of humour as well.


Matt Masters


Working with Angela Harris has always been a total success. As a musician and singer her talents are of the highest calibre. She brings insight and ideas forward and has incredible aesthetic vision. She understands the big picture of musical projects and always delivers topnotch performances. She also has an astute business mind and a strong understanding of the music business.

Lori Armour

Angela Harris of Fair Wend Entertainment Services has been such a huge help with all of our businesses and is very professional in everything she has done. Her work and recommendations for our businesses with Social Media Marketing and her vast knowledge of the music industry has helped us with our businesses in so many ways. She has put forth professional plans that are realistic and attainable for us and have helped position our companies for continued growth and success. I would recommend Angela's services to anyone who is looking to have a solid outlook and plan for what is possible for their business in the current marketplace.


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